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Rogue Summoner is a turn-based tactics roguelike about conjuring creatures to fight in your stead. It's a game about mastering different monster behaviors and using them creatively in combat.

You will dive deep into different types of procedurally-generated dungeons, each with its unique difficulty, size and creatures. Death in each one means starting over from the very beginning of the dungeon, with no upgrades nor monsters in your loadout. But with death comes understanding and hidden knowledge of the dungeons' secrets.

As you master each unique creature, you will be able to optimize your strategy by exploiting their weaknesses when fighting against them, and leveraging their strengths when summoning them. Every creature you defeat can be added to your loadout, from a half-witted spider to the great Morthgaal.

  • Explore several types of procedurally generated dungeons, each with its unique theme, difficulty and monsters
  • Summon every creature you encounter, from spineless minions to mighty bosses
  • Master and combine different behaviors creatively
  • Create and Execute your strategy in a turn-based, table-top combat system
  • Cast your own combos with different monsters, magic potions and rune spells
  • Upgrade your skills as you level up and go deeper into the dungeons
  • Become the Rogue Summoner - no matter how many deaths it takes


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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Rogue Summoner (Win x64) 175 MB
Version v1.1.17

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Rogue Summoner Demo (Win x64) 175 MB
Version v1.1.17

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Great review! We are glad that you liked Rogue Summoner :)


amazing game, very very good! Keep the amazing work!

Thank you so much! We are glad you liked Rogue Summoner! :)


It is an amazing game, you have to pay attention and think about strategies to kill the monsters. It also has a great chart and effects!

Thank you very much Laura!

We are super happy that you liked Rogue Summoner :)


Congratulations to the devs.
It has a very fun strategy mechanics, combined with the roguelike genre.

Thanks Andre!

I'm glad you liked it! :D