Update #v0.12.0 - New Endless Game Mode!

Hello, friend!

In this exciting update, we added a new dungeon with a new game mode: True Rogue.

It is an endless adventure with increasing difficulty, where all the previous enemies will show up.

Hopefully you had a chance to learn the monsters' behaviors before, because in this dungeon they will combine in surprising ways testing even your best strategies.

This new dungeon is available for everyone who purchased the Early Access on itchio:


(You can still enjoy the 10% sale at the moment!)

I'd love to know how far you managed to get in this dungeon! My current record is 32 levels!! :)


Dan Zaidan


Rogue Summoner (Win x64) 175 MB
Version v0.12.0 Aug 09, 2020
Rogue Summoner Demo (Win x64) 175 MB
Version v0.12.0 Aug 09, 2020

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