Update #v0.10.0 - Minimap, Bestiary and Library

Hello folks!

Today we have a very special update for you, because we have included some features that have been requested by some players!


No more needless wondering! You can now see where are you in the current level (as well as which level you are).


Learn all about the creatures you will fight against (and with) in your adventures! When you kill a creature 10 times it will show up in your bestiary, so you can reference its behavior whenever you need.


After you collect a book, it will show up in your library. Now can read about Aktis Head-Head, Licos the Double-And-A-Half-Turn, Jairus Out-Of-The-Blue and all the other Rogue Summoners in one go!

What feature would you like to see in Rogue Summoner?

We are working very hard to improve the game and we would love to hear what you think about it! :)



Rogue Summoner (Win x64) 175 MB
Version v0.10.0 Jul 28, 2020
Rogue Summoner Demo (Win x64) 175 MB
Version v0.10.0 Jul 28, 2020

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