[MAJOR] New Game Mechanics: Magic Rings, Power Rocks

Hello, friends!

We continue to work very hard on Rogue Summoner to improve it continually!

We heard great things about the Prediction System we added in an update a few days ago, and today we added two new major game systems!

Magic Rings

Some of you mentioned that the game could use more kinds of items so we added Magic Rings!

They will give you an edge in combat (but are not so easy to get!). :)

Power Rocks

Scattered throughout the randomly generated dungeons, you may now come across a Power Rock (not to be confused with Power Metal).

They will change the dynamic of combat on a certain place in the board: like buffing the monsters, making it more expensive to summon them or nullify the mana gain from the enemies.

You will find 16 kinds of Power Rocks on your adventures and each one will make you adapt your strategy!

Thank you to everyone who gave ideas for Rogue Summoner! We think these were great additions to the game and we'd love to hear what you think about it!

Any feedback is welcome because we are trying to make Rogue Summoner the best game it can be!

Download the Free Demo: https://gamecraftstudios.itch.io/rogue-summoner



Rogue Summoner (Win x64) 175 MB
Version v0.7.0 Jul 17, 2020
Rogue Summoner Demo (Win x64) 175 MB
Version v0.7.0 Jul 17, 2020

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